This is a very elegant dish and is fairly simple to make for that “special dinner” with friends!!! Served with a perfectly chilled wine, we are sure that you’ll be the “hostess with the mostest” and deemed to be extremely clever!!!

Samphire Coulis:

You will need:

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Other Ingredients

1 leek
1 medium potato
½ pint chicken stock
250g samphire
A pinch of nutmeg
fresh lemon juice
A pinch of white pepper*
* (Delia is wrong in her use of black pepper for sauces like this since it is too robust for such light flavourings!)


1. Finely chop the leek and potato in a little butter in a small pan until soft but not coloured.

2. Add the chicken stock and simmer until the potato is cooked before adding the samphire. Cook/steam for a further minute only since you want to retain the lovely green of the samphire.

3. Liquidize and pass through a sieve which can be done a little in advance.

4. Reheat but do not boil and add the nutmeg, lemon juice and pepper to taste. Do not add salt since this is added naturally by the samphire!

The rest of the dish is easy since the breadcrumbs can be prepared in advance but don’t flour the fish and cook until the very last moment. For that you need:

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4 pieces of Monkfish (around 185g each)
6 scallops (total approx 250g)

Other Ingredients

Olive oil & butter
5 tbsp of breadcrumbs flavoured with lemon zest & chopped herbs


1. Coat the Monkfish and Scallops in a little seasoned flour and fry in a little olive oil and butter in an oven proof dish until the fish is golden on both sides.

2. Remove the scallops and keep them warm.

3. Sprinkle the flavoured breadcrumbs over the Monkfish and bake in a hot oven 220°C/425°F/Gas 7/ Aga roasting oven, second bottom shelf and bake for 4 minutes to crispen the crumbs.

4. Serve in a puddle of the samphire coulis.