About Us

In parallel with most other UK fishing ports – The Whitby Fishing Fleet has been reduced by over half in the last ten years due to conservation measures taken to keep fishing sustainable for future generations. As a result, the remaining skippers all ensure that their catch, which is heavily restricted by quotas and limited fishing days at sea, is of the highest quality. This means:

  • The freshest fish of the best quality.
  • Many interested buyers from the UK and Northern Europe.
  • Healthy auction prices and returns to the boats, enabling the fishing community to remain in Whitby and look to the future, handing over their skills to the next generation.

In the past, much of this fish has made its way to Billingsgate Fish Market, where discerning individuals, restaurateurs and top chefs demand the best. The French are also extremely partial to Whitby fish – they know a good thing when they find it! Now you can have the best too.

Imagine your fish coming straight from the sea, into the boat, onto the auction market -then- straight over the road to The Whitby Catch, fresh and ready to be prepared before your eyes to your own requirements in our custom built preparation area.

Come and see the results at The Whitby Catch

Locally sourced

Where possible, all of our fresh fish and seafood is locally sourced.

Prepared fresh every day

From the sea to your door in the shortest time possible. Fresh is our middle name!


The Shop

The Shop

Our smart, friendly staff are ready to take your order online, on the phone or in person in our Whitby based shop – right over the road from the Whitby Fish Market.



Worried your purchase might leak on the way home? Don’t be! All our products will be securely wrapped in quality packaging.

Catering & Events


We can now send your products in leak proof, insulated packaging (more info), with re-usable gel packs for a cost of only £4.95! Or completely FREE DELIVERY for orders totalling over £100 (excluding delivery). Next working day delivery service.