Don’t watch the waistline for this dish since this classic Norwegian Sauce is made with cream and butter but with the additional delight of some lovely prawns… but, there again to enjoy the naughtiness lightly steam lovely fresh halibut fillets and just enjoy!

You will need:

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750g Halibut fillets
100g cooked Langoustines (room temp)

Other Ingredients

2.5 fl/oz whipping cream
4 oz unsalted butter (chilled and diced)
2 tbsps chopped chives


1. Steam or poach the Langoustines, peel, and allow to return to room temperature.

2. Lightly steam or poach the Halibut fillets and Langoustines until they are opaque.

3. Bring the cream to the boil and beat in the butter a little at a time – it’s just like making Hollandaise (without the egg) since you whisk the butter in until the sauce is light and smooth but like Hollandaise do not let it come to the boil – it will keep warm for a little while – and just before serving all you need to do is add the chopped chives (this keeps the herb green) and prawns.